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1. NRF52832 low-power main control chip, early warning of blood pressure status, real-time attention to the danger of sudden cardiovascular disease in you and your family, judge and record the status of deep sleep, light sleep, and wakefulness times to help you understand each night Sleep quality. Built-in dynamic heart rate monitoring can record the complete heart rate dynamic curve of the whole exercise process, allowing users to view all the data of their own movement.2. Equipped with 3-axis motion sensor, scientific value, intelligent calculation of running speed, distance, duration, calorie change3. When the mobile phone has an incoming call or information notification, even if the phone is in the bag or is busy without paying attention to the mobile phone ring, the bracelet will vibrate and flash, so that you can know important notice in time.4. Remote, off-site care, data cloud storage permanently. Viewing health data with friends in your family's APP5.P67 life waterproof, support cold water, effectively eliminate life supplies, cosmetics, sweat and other corrosion, can also wear when swimming. Ultra-low power consumption, ultra-fast charging, sub-charged battery life 30 days, third-generation high-performance battery platform, battery capacity 85mAh, low-power chip design

Function Continuous heart rate monitoring; Motion trajectory; Motion monitoring (automatic recognition of walking, running, climbing exercise state); Blood pressure monitoring; Checking for mobile phones; Automatic sleep mode; Smart alarm clock; Time display; Shake pictures; Calling SMS reminder; Care for relatives and friends.
Matching System Android4.4+|OS8.2+ (Bluetooth must be above 40)
Screen size 0.96|PS color screen
Waterproof level IP67
Battery Type Polymer Battery
Battery capacity 85mAh
Synchronous way Bluetooth 4.0
Case Material PC
Strap material TPE
Product Size 235*20*12mm
Packing list bracelet, clip charging cable, manual

Superior function
Continuous heart rate monitoring
Track of motion
Calls, SMS, and Schedule Alerts
Caring for relatives and friends
Steps, calories, and distance
Lift wrist bright screen, turn wrist cut screen
Automatic sleep monitoring
basic skills
Clock display
Silent alarm
Find your phone
Shake a picture


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